The Origin Story

I often get asked how did I start my art? Especially when they find out that my heritage is from Jamaica and Canada!

Everything I did in my life led me to learn and get truly inspired by all things Asian.I remember experimenting with small Camera manual mode, to get better images. Never did I expect that this trip or these photos would inspire now over 8 years of work. Prior to leave on this voyage I did a few Gold Leaf abstract paintings that would lay the ground work for the paintings that were inspired by this faithful experience in South East Asia. Featured here was Thailand by far the highlight of the trip.

At a time when I was told not to go anywhere because we were about to witness the biggest economic crash since the 1930’s, I decided to leave Montreal indefinitely. I will never forget that December eve in 2008. It would be the first year I would not be celebrating Christmas and New Years with family and close friends. I felt this inexplicable and irresistible pull to visit a far corner of the world.

Landing in Ho Chi Minh City would give me my first glimpse into the sights and sounds that I would experience in Asia.

Origin Story


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