Art Basel 2017

For the Second time the Shore Club welcomes the Artist and his FASCINASIA series

This is a curated art installation featuring Daniel Stanford’s art and invited artists with an opening reception as a first show of Miami Art Basel Week Events on December 4th -10th, 2017. The art installation will be open to the public during December.

The conceptual structure of the show is focusing on the ideas that inspire the FASCINASIA series while discovering possibilities of conceptual and artistic dialogues with the artworks of invited artists. The choice of medium varies from mixed media paintings, site specific installations, sculptures and design works.

The main idea of the FASCINASIA series is based on Asian culture and its influential heritage. In his works, the artist brings this cultural heritage to the Western understanding of life as an additional value. This eclectic approach finds its form in Stanford’s artistic expressions as a layered integration. In his paintings, a figure appears as a celebrity character or an attractive form of beauty while being surrounded by the architectural and decorative elements of Asian culture and their sensational reflections.


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